Comparing browser stats from 3 trackers

StatCounter is a real-time tracker, while it could take eXTReMe 15 minutes or more to register a hit. Click on the StatCounter text link or the eXTReMe icon to view stats for this page.

Google Analytics is not implemented on this page - because only Google account holders can view the stats. The icon takes you to the GA homepage.

Example browser charts are shown below the tracker icons.

Correct browser identification

Before 2005, very few tracker scripts correctly identified the newer browsers like Firefox and Safari. At that time, browser identification by eXTReMe was exceptionally poor, but it now has a much better browser detection script.

Trackers might not register a hit if their server is too busy, or if the user clicks STOP before the counter code has run.

Server-side log file analysis software, such as AWStats, is more likely to produce accurate browser statistics than third party trackers.

More about statistics and browsers

Browser statistics vary according to the clients of sites where data is gathered. For example, visitors to a site like this are more likely to have high specification PCs and the latest web browsers. Visit Browser News to learn more about the cautions to bear in mind when assessing browser statistics.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is designed to work with an unlimited number of pages. The PDF reports sent by email are generated using high quality graphics.

eXTReMe tracker

Although eXTReMe's free tracker reports all hits as a single page, there is no restriction on using it in combination with other counter services.

Stat Counter

StatCounter is designed to work with an unlimited number of pages. It's entirely optional whether you display a counter or keep it invisible.

Google Analytics eXTReMe Tracker statcounter.com

Google Analytics - points to note:

  • Free. No traffic limit.
  • Only visitors with JavaScript enabled will be recorded.
  • Option: weekly or monthly visitor reports by email (browsers).
  • Provides no details of individual visitors.

eXTReMe tracker - points to note:

  • Free. No traffic limit.
  • Doesn't track pages individually.
  • Displays the last 20 search engine queries.
  • Records all keywords and website referrers.

StatCounter - points to note:

  • Free. Records the last 500 pageviews.
  • Uses cookies to track returning visitors.
  • Option: weekly or monthly visitor counts by email (example).
  • Option: display a counter or icon, or keep it invisible.

List of Google Analytics reports …

Google Analytics reports.

Browser spoofing

There are some websites which only serve pages to MS Internet Explorer & Netscape, usually as a result of outdated browser detection scripts. For more information see: A Note on User Agent Identifiers and Browser Statistics. Because of this problem Opera identified itself as MSIE in earlier versions, although the default setting could be changed via the Opera Quick Preferences Menu.

An article on Opera's website explains how scripts can be modified to correctly identify Opera even when it reports itself as another browser:  How can I find out if someone is using Opera?

Several other browsers can do the same. An extension for Mozilla/Firefox offers similar options.

Browser statistics for this page

The stats for this page are not necessarily representative of overall browser usage. The page receives a small number of visitors each day. It would only take one link from a high traffic site for browser-X users to skew the stats.

Browser chart examples.